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Tumblr is a blogging platform that debuted on the Internet around 6 years ago. It has been trusted as a blogging site and as well a social networking site. The users love this site because they can write blogs, post pictures, videos, and music.

Every user of Tumblr has their own account where they can post whatever they want. People can also download audio using this platform.

It is not easy, although there are some tools available that help. Using the following steps you can easily download all audio that you want from Tumblr.

Download Audio from Tumblr – Method One

Download audio from Tumblr with extensions and the Inspect Elements feature in most web browsers.

1. Open a Web browser and go to This will take you to Tumblr’s homepage. Log into your Tumblr account if you are not already logged in.

2. Browse for any audio you want to save. You can type in the name of the audio in the search bar at the top of the page.

3. Right click the audio. Once the audio has been displayed, you can then right-click on the audio player to pull up more options.

4. Press Inspect Element or Inspect. This will open the elements for the page, which includes the programming for the audio link.

5. Click the network tab. This appears in the menu ribbon alongside the top of the inspect element that opens.

6. Play the audio for few seconds, this is so the audio player will display in the inspect element display

7. Right click on the size column. This will pull up a pop-up menu with more options for the audio player. On some browsers, you cannot see the size column so you can just click on the row that the post pops up in.

Eventually, Click open in new tab. Then audio player will be opened in its own tab.

Download Audio from Tumblr – Method Two

Use a Streaming Audio Recorder.

Tumblr Audio Downloader” is the first Tumblr audio downloader to use. Unlike other programs, this ripper is 100% virus and malware free, making it safe for you to download anytime anywhere.

Grabbing those audios from Tumblr is not a problem at all because you needed to install this program and you are ready. Once you have installed it, the next thing that you need to do is to play the audio that you want on Tumblr and hit the red button on the left bottom of the main interface to start the process.

One time it has been done; just go to “Library” to find the recorded files.

Download Audio from Tumblr – Method Three

Use Apowersoft, a Free Online Audio Recorder.

Downloading different audio using the most terrific audio ripping tool – Free Online Audio Recorder.

It is the simplest and easiest way to download Tumblr audio online.

First time when you use it, you will be asked to install a launcher to run the app. You need to wait for a second, the program is ready to boot and just play the audio that you want to grab from Tumblr and hit “start” button, and then hit “Stop” when you are done.