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Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “What if I have a cell phone with viruses?” or “What is a virus and how can it affect my phone?” Everyone keeps a lot of precious and valuable data on their phone.

There has been a rise in mobile threats—and you can get a dreaded mobile phone virus that’s going to steal personal information. But don’t worry, here we will clarify things by addressing some of the questions that we hear most about so-called virus.

The most common ways by which phones get viruses and other issues are apps, attachments via email, text messages, and even nefarious web sites.

Viruses can not only limit your phone’s functionality but also can cause more serious damage to your life by deleting data, gathering private information, or making illegal purchases.

How Can I Check If My Phone Has Virus?

Here are some revealing signs to check if whether your phone has virus:

  • If you have apps on your phone that you did not download, check your list of apps to see if there is any app that you don’t identify.
  • Battery runs down rapidly – Viruses operate like any other program and they aggressively use the battery of your device. If your phone battery is not damaged but battery consumption has increased then this can be another sign of a virus.
  • If your phone gets more pop-up ads than usual then also it can be a sign of virus. A virus can make pop-up ads more common and frustrating.
  • If the data usage of your phone gets increased with no logical explanation then it can also be an indication of having a virus. If your mobile bill shows much more data use than normal, and you are using your phone as you usually do then a virus can be the reason.
  • Increasing monthly fee for mobile calls and SMS – These days, viruses know how to call and send SMS. Ask your mobile operator for the details of calls and check whether all of the numbers are recognizable to you.
  • Slow operation and device bugs, as worms, viruses and keyloggers don’t vacillate to waste your phone resources. A small virus can slow down the Operating System of your mobile phone and individual apps performance by many times.
  • Enlarged amount of glitches can be a sign of a virus infection i.e. Apps get closed automatically and can’t be opened from the first time.

On the whole, don’t be scared of virus threats. The main thing is to monitor the security of your mobile device. The first step is to check whether there are any symptoms of virus on Android right now. If you are having the symptoms of a virus then you need to take the required steps against it.